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Trees from Upton House – Oxfordshire.


Inspirational Words from Mani !!

Stone Roses and Primal Scream bassist Mani, meanwhile, told BBC News that he thought modern bands were playing it too safe.

“It’s all about the songs and technique and spirit,” he said. “Bands of my era had a whacked out agenda. They walked it, they lived it, they breathed it.

“[They were] not necessarily the best musicians in the world but they can try things that are dangerous. I think what’s wrong with British music at the moment is people are too career-orientated.

“They’re afraid, or record companies will not allow them to take risks, and that just makes everything so uniform. Why bother?”

Asked whether it was still possible to do anything original with a guitar, he replied: “People should play the great riffs sideways, backwards, upside down – guitar music has never run its course. I think somebody said that with The Beatles didn’t they?”

Reading this makes me feel good in what I’m creating with BirdPen. We are currently recording Bass parts to a tune that sounds like the apocalyptic end of life on earth !! There is No Escape.


I’m really into this band even though they remain quite elusive and there’s not much about them on the web…They are called Lucifer Youth Foundation (World Unite). They are from Manchester. I think there’s something really good happening here !!
Check them out:

The Ultimate Menace

Photo I took of John Lydon in Belgium performing with Pil.

Stopping Traffic

I’m sat in a cafe on the wireless world web. The giant purple tour bus I’m gonna get on just rolled slowly past the window creeping over the sunshine and turning things into shade. I’m not really a big fan of purple, but I like this bus..I’m writing this in London by the way… I find London an odd place, Loads of people, loads of traffic, Just loads and loads and loads of everything… Tiny wireless codes and all sorts of languages flying around the airwaves. Mac this, App that, text this, touch that and so on. I am a victim of some of these modern ways, aren’t we all?

The road where we get on the bus is only narrow and when the tour bus is parked it always blocks the road, it’s only a one way street so there is not much room. it’s kind of become a warm feeling knowing that we are blocking the road so we can all go to another country and live our lives just how we like to by playing really loud amplified music. I do wonder what we’d all do if we didn’t have this though, we’ve all long past being told what to do.. Oh well destiny you old trickster, what you have up your sleeve is for you to know and for me to find out I guess !!