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Eve Session – Memory words.

Not really sure where to start.. I guess I’ll just have to write down some memories and thoughts.

We drive up the M40 / M6 with almonds and the biggest sausage rock n rolls I’ve ever seen..

Don’t speak about spirits cause you never know what mood they might be in.. What was that thud sound I heard from out of nowhere?

After tea, cakes and the lovely string trio, the pipes burst and flooded the chill out room… thank god it wasn’t the mixing room or another live room..

A nice few sinkers of the great bear ale and a brandy saw the night out on Friday…Slept heavy, probably to heavy, I seem to be sleeping longer or maybe because I’m falling asleep after 3am each night and have done for almost the last 6 months I guess…Body Clock needs re-arranging.

Breakfast has been a top agenda here at Eve. Curried eggs went down a storm and left a slight sweat on the brow on Thursday morning.. Then I almost choked to death on a Thai chilli seed, I honestly though my throat was goon ago into liquidation along with my whole life..

Martin who owns the place has had some interesting and boundary-pushing ideas, one of which involved a Tibetan horn being mic’d up through a huge ghost verb sound machine!!! Mental and Wicked!!!

Psychedelic eyeball cornflake cakes  – That’s not a song title by the way it was a snack.

I sang some vocals through a lovely vintage microphone called the Posty. It was made by a 70 year old man whose name I don’t know though. I’d like to meet him one day hopefully.. Lets not talk about horses ever again in public places gents. Comedians or not the couple opposite didn’t approve, we shall never really know why.. Hot pot after Hot Pot after Hot Pot etc etc….

A short true story:


I went to brush my teeth after drinking some wine and playing pool in the pool room here at eve and noticed what I thought was a dead small black bug on the sink, I touched it with curiosity to see what it was and flipped it over onto its legs, to my surprise it came alive and slowly strolled off toward nowhere. It made me feel good that it was alive cause I thought it was dead; I have no idea how it ended up on its back but it made me think about patience and how never to give up. It made me think of how sometimes when you are trying to achieve goals and ambition in something you believe in how never to give up because there is always a glimmer of hope and the old light at the end of the tunnel ( as long as its not a train coming the other way) !!! I like that bug and glad it wasn’t dead I was also glad it wasn’t a bed bug, I know that through experience cause I know what bed bugs look like and feel like as slept with a family tree of the little suckers.. This bug how ever had hope and here at eve studios made total sense of the last day and final day of our first recording stint here. I hope to catch him again on the flip-side in the near future.

So last few memories and truths include – Mullet top trumps, Pork and Leek Sausages, We plucked Piano Strings as the Dosimer wouldn’t quite tune, Listening to Omega who are from Hungary, Martins wonderful small stash of records, The onion ring incident, Fuzz in a briefcase which sounded awesome and last but not least the one thing we always have to remember through all of this and why we are here making music is – “IT’S ALL SHOWBIZZ”.

I am Dave Pen.


Rec* – BirdPen – The North – EVE – October – 2010

Hello from Inside Nowhere

Rec – BirdPen – The North – EVE – October – 2010

I’m still here – Me that is !!

Haven’t blogged for a few weeks but am gonna soon, “The sun is turning away and I’m loosing the days, time and light slowly slip away as fast as the past and all that’s gone, so I really must be getting along !! ”

Off to Brighton to support Grant Lee Phillips…

I am Dave Pen.