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White Teeth Ride..

I stood in line waiting to board the plane.. Long queue, lots of faces and 4 huge TV screens.. No calming countryside collages or national geographical landscapes were being shown on the TV’s to help calm the possible nervous flyers like myself.. Nothing calming indeed, instead sky news were playing an anniversary special on the days events of the terror attacks of 911 !!! This was unbelievable and just adds to the strange claustrophobic feel of airports and the longing closed in-ness of planes, they might as well have had that film “Alive” showing or episode one of the TV show “Lost” Who ever was in charge of that remote controller was either drunk or has a very dark sense of humour.. You will confront your fears with the airline company that are Easy Jet, whether you like it or not !! Any Brandy and Valium anywhere?

I didn’t wake up on a desert island I didn’t wake up in the sea or on the concrete. I awoke in a bed with a large window looking out over the Swiss mountains with a valley below me.. The peak of a mountain covered in snow was towering through the clouds.. I later found out the mountain is called “White Teeth” which seems very appropriate for it…Two giant white ended mountain teeth smiling up at the sun.

After sound check we were invited to a house in the mountains for wine tasting and a jazz version of Nature Regulate.. This is not what we do on a regular or ever basis so it was a nice experience and the owners where very welcoming and kind.. As BirdPen we do end up seeing and experiencing some cool, beautiful, odd and never run of the mill things and we meet some interesting and kind people, it all makes the whole concept and feel about what we do complete and just a touch on the unknown and strange side of things.. Just how we like it !!

We played the Festival performance to a half moon of gathered faces along with two sides of kids being sick, people huddling at the bar and a general feel of drunkenness for the mountain youth in the air.. After the show we hung at the bar until seeing my own face reflecting back from the beer keg and along with Tim’s classic drunk line of “ I’ve spent all my wine on booze”, we decided that 3 hours sleep was very much needed before going home, so we left with three kisses each on various cheeks, slept, got up, got in a van, slept, got out, got on a plane, got on a train, got in a taxi, got back in a taxi, went to a football stadium, we won..

Fuzz pops anyone?

I am Dave Pen


Over 12 Months

Over 12 months now I’ve had my blog… I’m glad I still have it as its nice to jot down things I’ve done and things I’ve seen.. Haven’t blogged for a while though. True to say the old hands on the clock have been in hyper speed and the old flux capacitor has been on the burn…Gigs, words, Planes, Booze, Tears, Sunshine, Loads of Rain, Loads of Love, Lasers at weddings and everything for you.

Off to Switzerland next for a BirdPen show and as much as I hate airports and the whole powering a massive chunk of metal in the air to travel high speed to other countries lark I’m looking forward to playing there again…

News on all fronts with what to do with my musical outlets will be announced soon and yes… I am more eager than anyone else to get one certain project finished and hope to have some good news for those interested parties as soon as possible!!

Much warmth for the autumn air is upon us and the orange skies await. Oh and seeing as this is my blog here is a rather heavy cool photo of my good self taken by Christian Geisselmann..

Call you all next week..Hopefully x