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Nature Regulate – Live Video

Below is a video of Nature Regulate performed live in Belgium . The footage was shot in Leige at the Tipi club.. It was a great gig from what I can remember and I like the feel of the video footage. It’s also on our news page on the new BirdPen website so if you haven’t checked the site go and have a look as it was made by Myself and The Manglebird and most of the photos which are on all the different pages were taken by myself apart from the live and promo ones (Obviously) !!

Enjoy the vid Folks, more BirdPen news real soon.


I am Dave Pen


Where do we go from here ?

Robin Fosters new album will be released on the 18th November 2011. I have co written 5 songs on it.

I will be playing live with Robin at Trans Musicales Festival on December 2nd 2011..Check the add below..Cheers x