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So I have just finished the last shows of Archive’s Controlling Crowds.. Touring this album was a blast and a lot has happened in the two and half years it’s been since we first performed on Manu Katche’s One Shot Not TV show in Paris. A campaign that took us to perform in front of thousands of people across thousand of miles of Sea, Air and Road. A total amplified trip headlining huge festivals to low key shows in places we’d never heard of. Meeting people I’ve only read about or seen on the fuzz box and gaining knowledge about travel, people and places.

Remembrance files from my brain include ( in my own coded format of course ) !!

Curing a small part of swimming in the sea, Terrible films that end with the line “Can I have another Chocolate Milkshake?”, Break Downs both mechanically and physically, Killing my amp, Meeting Mark E Everett From Eels, Almost dying from Absynth, Drunk DJ sets with the Seagull, BirdPen supporting at the Zenith, Headlining Rock En Seine and Solidays, That power cut at Solidays, YETI !!, one day swimming in the med then 36 hours later walking around Auschwitz in the snow in -1, more shit films, birthdays away, Iggy Pop, luke warm and grim food, That hippy Festival in Germany with Hawkwind, Orchestras, Guy Garvey from Elbow dedicating the song “Dear Friends” to us, Smileys Blogs, Remote control Falcon, bad sound, good sound, That Danger Visit moment, Archive in the Southern Daily Echo, So many ridiculous photographs, The face full of hope, The Stooges Sax player telling me Mcdonalds drug stories, Laughing, Lots of Laughing, Lots of singing and the best Greek salads on the planet.

Till next time with further fields in our sights…

That’ll do for now…


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    Well Well Well
    It was Great for us as well,
    can’t remember how many i saw : Belgium,France,Holland,Germany..
    Met wonderful people and many new friends.
    Also so many ridiculous security guards at some of the venues…
    Anyway it was gorgeous !
    Ready for the 2,5 years “only the name change’s Tour” to come 😉
    Love from Brussels,

    November 14, 2011 at 7:13 pm

  2. How would I ever be able to explain to you -in words- how deeply your music, your art affects me? Thinking of the concert in Cologne still feels like a slow awakening from a powerful dream. I got lost in the twilight zone. was this real??? was it really you, really me? all these shivers down the spine, all these sudden eruptions of the heart, all these screams from the depths of the soul fusing in motions of sound, voice, body and light. were they yours, were they mine or is this what a simple mind may call a touch of the Divine in the true art of humans – like you. Unbelievable!!!!

    here are some humble words of mine that were directly inspired by archive. i´d wish that I could give back more to you….

    Gaping mouths

    Invaded by this mass
    army of gaping mouths
    lingering in the dark
    longing to eat me up
    faces invisible
    no names
    no identities
    nothing to grasp
    the enemy
    the lust
    the fear
    controlling my mind
    nesting in my heart
    I am driven, pushed
    torn, used, worn
    and I obey
    I give up
    anything, anywhere inside
    that keeps me back?
    I cannot read, decipher the sense
    a code hidden
    beyond the bulb
    that is the moon, that is the eye
    I circle a life sign
    slipping away from sight
    crossed and broken
    by violent blood lines
    exposed in a new dimension
    the moon a bulb
    yellow, menacing,
    as creepy as your eye
    I look away
    and it bites my neck
    the gaping mouths
    who are they and why?
    you´re their leader
    you make me cry
    and you are nothing
    and what of all this is my truth, is my lie?
    Can I split from my skin
    from the falling flower
    that is no more
    when it can´t keep you in
    in the circle
    beneath the lines
    even if you´re the parasite
    slowly sucking away at my light
    erasing the beauty, the silent sin
    with a dreadful, ignorant grin
    Don´t touch me!
    Go away!
    I follow signs of life on the outside
    but my liquid core slips into darkness, endless night
    Are you waiting,
    waiting among the mouths
    whispering in tongues
    til I come to believe
    they are mine?
    Humming a song of self-hate and rage
    “You are scum, you are scum”
    You are my shadow inside
    but your flesh will survive, untouched
    Can´t split from the mass
    deeply laid in your eyes

    Manifestation of what?

    Makes me cross the last sign

    With one last line

    When, oh when and why?

    November 17, 2011 at 2:16 pm

  3. Was this shot in the Nimes Arenas ? ^^
    Already impatient to see you again, with Archive OR Birdpen or BOTH 🙂

    November 24, 2011 at 11:43 am

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