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Forget the X Factor here’s my Random Factor.
I couldn’t quite remember where the studio was as I left home so I had to make a quick call to Darius, he jogged my memory bank and put me on track. I had a great conversation with a friend on the train about his journey to the outer reaches of Norway and the land of the midnight sun for an art exhibition he is doing which made my start to the day very pleasant. Once at the main station a Chinese boy with a massive head stood directly in front of the map so I had to wait for him to find out where he was and was going. No problem with no manners,, as good old Louie Armstrong sang “We have all the time in the world”.
Busy underground transport with humans all rammed in together like Smartie sweets in a tube. All the while advertisements zoom pass at high underground speed.
I’ve done all my Christmas shopping but sub consciously gift ideas are logged in and I have no choice in the matter.
I guess I should talk about what I’ve been singing about and what’s going on in the studio so here are some random words from some random songs. Grow, Ocean, Evil, Soul, You, I, Mind, Quick, Slow, And, A, Conflict.
My room here at the studio is very warm, so warm and cosy in fact that it kind of reminds me of a posh old peoples home. Maybe that’s because of the heating or something but luckily I don’t have an emergency red chord to pull in case of an emergency during the night, saying that though I did make 3 currys for everybody last night and a few gas explosions caused some serious emergency evacuations within close at least a 3 mile radius.
More random things happening in the studio Not really related to the recording of this new album are, Random explicit ideas for Artwork, watching far to many stupid videos on Youtube, always Coffee, Pims chocolate orange biscuits are better than Jaffa Cakes, what’s for Lunch and what’s for Dinner?
In all seriousness though the new songs for this album are sounding really strong and I’m very much looking forward to hearing its completion. It’s definitely taken on a more psychedelic feel since we worked on the demo’s and that should make the Cheshire cat grin from ear to ear whilst eating snowcakes from a wheel barrow being towed by a rolls Royce down St Johns Wood high-street.
And on that note I bid you a fond farewell with festive cheers and a Garlic bread breath.
Stay close as the ocean rises
I am Dave Pen x


One response

  1. Nathalie Peniguel

    Hi Dave, Hi Mike,
    I just enjoyed your random factor with a smile. Anyway, I prefer so far my random factor. After the last week storm, the rivers in the surroundings overflowed and It’s wonderful, silent, quiet, like a huge mirror under the moon. Swans are arriving, 4 already, soon, it’s gonna be 30, then 40…! Big animals are also closer, especially at night. It’s cold, foggy… but so wonerful and quiet!!!!
    Enjoy your work, we are waiting for you, full of hope and pleasure!

    December 27, 2011 at 6:58 pm

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