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January – Will you ever change?

Must get down the gym, must run, must eat well, must drink well, must get second album released, must read more, must communicate better, must write more.
Mustn’t drink too much, mustn’t over do it, mustn’t eat bad food, mustn’t be selfish, mustn’t take drugs, mustn’t sleep in, mustn’t give up and mustn’t surrender.

January, such a strange month when people think they can change there lives because the date of the new year subconsciously says you should. When advertisements now tell you to watch your weight, get fit and get healthy when only a few weeks ago they were telling us the complete opposite, get fat, eat, drink and spend what you know you don’t really have.
For me this year I will try as every year I do, to follow my instincts, be true to myself and make the most of what I have, when I have it.
So far this month I have visited Belgium and will again next week with France in the hot pot as-well, have helped in the orchestral recording sessions for Archives new album, which sounds really awesome, drank lots of homemade juice drinks, ran miles, lifted weights, read two books and produced material for a new musical project with a female solo artist I am working on. It’s early stages but the songs are sounding dark and moody. Everything else I’ve done has been in my mind and nobody is aloud in at the moment.

Here is the surrender video I made last year and have now made public for the whole interweb to mood over.

ON a music note about other bands I like the new Maccabees album “Given to the wild” Even if someone did say it sounded like the soundtrack to the Lion King..
I’m hanging up now as have to go down the mirrored sweat box and pump some aluminium.
I am Dave Pen