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5 Days 3 Gigs

Wipe, wipe, wipe, the windscreen wipers wipe. January rain and drizzle streaks its way across the wind-sheild of the cheap splitter van as we motor it down the M25. Stef on sound up front next to Mike who is driving. I’m typing will breach on drums has his head against the back of Stefs seat and is trying to catch some zeez !! Tim is waiting for us round the roundabout. Still in the UK.
We drove onward on the big train that runs under the sea. Then drove more in the rain. We stopped off somewhere to eat as we knew when wed arrive at our destination there would be nowhere open. The town we stopped in was quiet and we couldn’t find anywhere to eat, one restaurant had the rocket prices of 58 euros a main snack so we didn’t enter the cash snack pit. We were just about to succum to an Istanbul kebab shop when we jolted left to check one last time if anything else could savor our 5 hungry beaks and there hidden behind lights , the words pizzeria !! Thank you god of Italian cuisine blessing us from the rainy clouds somewhere in France.
Sadly my carbinara wasn’t great and it came with a raw egg yolk sitting all orange in a half shell which I found slightly unappealing. Its still raining I have no idea where I am. I finished reading the white tiger and am now watching Woody Harrelson in the film Rampart. It’s a quite depressing story about a quite fucked up Los Angeles police officer.

Slept quite well after watching the end of the Nordic sci-fi horror movie that is Troll Hunter and there were bill goats in it.
More driving with a William S burrows documentary for company and tomato soup from a vending machine.
“Hang a left” Mike says to breach who is driving. We have finally arrived at a gig.

Gig in Bordeaux was great all be it a few ghosts in the machine sending a few things odd here and there.
It’s always the case though it seems, when you arrive late at a nice hotel and have to leave first thing in the morning that you get the nicest hotel you’ve ever had. My bed was wider than my height on all four sides, sofa, massive bath etc… Good to get some short comfortable sleep, which I usually miss when, I’m away.
Punctuation was strong though the next morning and we ate breakfast with the business tie men all around us. Got back in the condensation vehicle and headed off to Paris. The sat nav says turn left in 300 miles, time to crook my neck in an uncomfortable visit to the land of nod I think, will type soon yeah.
I woke up and wiped the wet window next to me clear, the January sun at last shone through the speeding motorway trees and lounged upon my face for a few lazy minutes.. Serotonin levels are low at the moment. Grey is such a tired colour.
On the grey note I decided to watch the Oliver Stone biog movie that is W. A film about that cretin George W Bush, I like Josh Brolin ever since his days in the 80’s mega skateboard film “Thrashin” but he didn’t look neither younger or older in the past and present times of silly old W. Interesting film I thought and the congress of lizards that they all were and are is quite creepy in some scenes. Oh and old lizard face Condoleezza Rice’s voice was way over the top, might as well have given her a fork tongue and be done with it. Mice anyone ?

The paris show was just awesome. A great crowd and a great atmosphere inside yet another boat. I like boats but don’t mind if I never play on one again, I always feel I’m gonna clock my head on a low rafter or steel beam and the soft swaying that occurs when waves hit the boat makes me feel drunk when sober. Also for some strange reason there were mosquitoes everywhere , in January!! I was paranoid of swallowing one whilst bellowing out some words live on stage, luckily this didn’t happen. It was good to see friends and musical acquaintances after the show and I steered clear of any booze instead settling for lemonade or limonad’ or what ever..
I zonked out after a midnight sat nav tracked greasy Maccas hunt and slept well.
On our way to Liege now and I’ve been reading Jon Ronsons The Psycopath Test. Am I or aren’t I?

The show in liege was bright and warm. A wide stage and a bigger venue of which we were happy to see nice and busy. The new material has been going down really great and feedback has all been highly positive. Beers, whiskey and champagne went down a treat, obviously not all together in a weird booze filled fucked up cocktail though. We left the venue late and found a quick Turkish slab snack shop and scoffed, we then found the hotel. My room was like a shallet ice box with those kind of rubber-ish curtains u get in caravans. I ran a bath to warm up and then dozed for 4 hours before having to set off for the homeward bound trip back to the village. A massive thanks to everyone involved with these shows and a high salut to all our fans, be back soon !! I finished The Psychopath Test, I’m not one by the way but we all have tendencies for sure. Stay sane people.
I am Dave Pen