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Chopper With a View

It’s not everyday, well it’s not really, well, EVER that you get told that you will be flying into a gig by Helicopter.

A Short Jaunt to The French Alps to play an hour show and then a midnight DJ Set was on the cards for the words you will read for this blog.

We rehearsed for a couple days in London then on Tuesday I made my way to the airport after a quick few sunrise BP snaps and a full English.

A tiny little shrivelled brained anger man decided to shout at Pollard and I for apparently walking down the plane the wrong way!! Not a nice way to start our journey when being cramped into a machine that travels thousand of feet in the sky. I wished the peanut cock a broken leg but then just thought what a sad and angry man he must be. I read a little and then slept.

Travelled to the Hotel high above the sea, ate some cheese, ate a frog leg, drank some white wine then went to bed.

Woke up slightly nervous at knowing I would be taking a Helicopter into the Alps to play the show.. People are scared of Helicopter travel, I can understand why but had decided from the start that I would be one of the members that would say YES !! Along with Darius and Steve we made our way to the chopper pad.

No time to think about it so got in, belted up and awaited lift off.. It was a bit like being in an old car, like a mini metro or something like that but flies.. It was a buzz feeling this small machine lift from the concrete and roar up into the sky. The views were absolutely stunning and we made it safely to the piste.

The gig was a bit strange as it was full of skiers and snowboarders obviously and I don’t think I will ever play a show with that many pairs of sunglasses looking back at me again. The crowd enjoyed it and no snowballs were thrown.

After the show we then jumped on some Skidoos and were taken to a restaurant to eat and avoid snow blindness, bit odd being on the back of a skidoo waving at fans and giving a few peace signs. Mountain Macca would be proud..

Had some nice nosh and Wine then jumped back on the skidoo back up the mountain to await the chopper back down to earth with Kev (Front of house) and John (Monitors) added to the melancholic chopper party. The Helicopter went higher this time and it was a bit more twitchy than the way up but was still a total buzz. We landed safely on the big H and came back to the hotel where I’m writing this right now as I type.

No ideas what the DJ set will be like? The bar is called Sloppys for Choppers sake..  I’m gonna turn the bass up nice and fat, drink a beer and enjoy the night.

What a wonderful ridiculous world I sometimes live in.

Bass to the almighty yeah

I am Dave Pen x


Chopper with a view

BirdPen Band – 29th February 2012

Photo’s taken at The Trident Theatre in Cherbourg, France.

One gig in Cherbourg


Left when the sun had gone down, a cheeky burger on the way to the forest to collect the gear.

Arrived at the port then got on the boat, I drank water then went to the tight fit borstal type cabin. I drifted off after watching the TV show Luck.

Morning – Far to early:

Didn’t sleep too badly considering all the man breath I’d been breathing in and was suddenly awoken by medieval type music being played throughout our cabin. I imagined we’d gone back in time into some weird type historic world and would have to play the gig on loots!! “Arrrhhhh” apparently captain jack sparrow lives around these parts according to the welcome video. Words again in a bit yeah.

We decided to take a stop at Omaha beach seeing as weren’t far from it on our destination to Cherbourg. At 8am a low mist covered the area of the four mile beach where we stopped and stood. The haze of the early morning February sun and a chill in the air gave the place a very somber yet tranquil atmosphere. “A remembrance of souls that fought to make us free.”


Night time – Driving through the fog:

We played the show in an Italian theatre built in 1882 called The Trident. It was a magnificent and beautiful theatre as you can see by the photos below.


Night time – Still driving through the fog:

With tired eyes and sleepy heads as the condensation runs its way across the inside of the window next to me we headed back to the port to get some small time to shut eye.

The fog the fog the fog.

Early hours…….

The shut eye episode got delayed as the twunts at the hotel decided to sack it off for the night and went home, I’m now sat in a Mercure hotel lobby in an aluminous green chair waiting for a room to sleep for four and a half hours. I’m drifting in and out trying to focus on the painted psychedelic fish on the walls.

Got a room, had a bath, went to sleep, got up, came home.

I am Dave Pen