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The Terminal

Trying to catch up on some blogs..been a bit slack of late. here is one.

I feel like a proper regular at the airport these days. Most of the Taxi drivers have stopped talking it seems so my journeys in the backs of cabs have been silent. Then I get to the airport when not much chat happens, as I’m my own company. Just a quick information blurt to the woman on the ticket stand then rev over the English Channel where 95 percent of conversations are in French so not that much talking is done there also. I have been singing and performing the songs I co-wrote with Robin Foster from the “Where Do We Go From Here” album released late last year. I’ve played some strange little places. One festival that stunk of smelly fish mud near the sea of some old fishing town, a filmed show at the Rennes University and a few clubs dotted around Brittany. The small selection of low key shows are now coming to an end with the last show in good old Brussels in Belgium, a first for Robin and his band of talented cool musicians. I’m sat backstage writing this whilst the lads have a few in the bar. Its tuff sometimes staying away from the grog I must say. Keeping your limits at pretty much zero and not letting the valve explode. The sweet fizz of a cold one all to tempting most of the time!! Water is a man’s best friend, but Champagne is a good buddy as is Heineken and a nice fine Ale plus a Rum and Coke chaser. The old saying that the booze isn’t good for singers and the voice has been said over and over and I’m checking it out as don’t want to sound like a dying dog all of the time rather than just some of the time. Breath in…….and out……. Time for a banana I think, pass the crystalline would you, I’m a bit parched.

Here are some slightly odd photographs taken on my dying Blackberry







Since writing this post I have been out on the Booze, A little bit. laaaalaaaalaaaa!!!


3 responses

  1. “some strange little places” like Le jam :-), so great to be there. THANK YOU!

    June 12, 2012 at 8:58 pm

  2. Hello Dave,

    Would it be possible to write the Global Lows songs’ lyrics on the Birdpen website, like the first album ? “The Bridge” can easily be understood by foreign people… 😀 but others are harder. And I’m not saying you badly sing!! Not at all! It is just for my PhD on Birdpen, I need the lyrics! 😉


    Keep on rockin dude

    June 29, 2012 at 6:37 pm


    Hi Dave,
    First, thanks to make time to share with your “followers” some parts of your life, that’s a real pleasure to read you. Your trip to perform with Robin Foster seems to been so loneliness…why wasn’t I in this train ? Could talk to you for hours…! unless my mind was “off ” like in front of you @114…!!
    Don’t understand that no more people know you considering the amazing music & sing you make. Your enchanting voice mesmerises me, whether with BirdPen or with Archive. Your album with Robin Foster is also so beautiful, different of course, but some songs are so moving…love it ! Besides, not informed, I failed you again just at 2 hours from my village…Grrr ! maybe on august in Brittany, just a bit far from my home this time…
    However, I’m finally happy that people content themselves listening to commercial music spewed by big record labels and radios, ’cause this allow to live fabulous private gig like @114…or in “strange little places”… Don’t want to see BirdPen or Archive on stage in a stadium with the height like “Playmobiles”…!!
    Brief, thanks for all your talented music ! Impatient, I’m now waiting for new Archive’s album, and hope see BirdPen on stage before Archive on november like in 2009 !
    Enjoy your exceptional life but please take care of you and your fabulous voice which is for me the best beautiful with that of an other Dave…GAHAN ! Besides, I’m dreaming of a duet PEN / GAHAN with music by BIRD / GORE… would probably be amazing I must say !!
    And don’t worry for your voice which is for me more and more deep & powerful. Your voice is so surprising & fantastic on this song which kills that is “The Safety In Numbers Is Now Zero” !! Mathew Belamy can definitly come back to his vocalizations I think…!
    At last, I understand… How refuse a cup of cold fizz ? For my part, can’t ! …and listening to good music keep my limits just above zero…!! Thanks for that too !
    Enjoy, and in french : “A la tienne !!”
    I am only Emilie

    July 20, 2012 at 5:45 pm

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