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There’s nothing worse than a skinny hotel bed. I kept rolling over and almost falling out of the damn thing every couple of minutes in yet another restless night of woken attempts at sleeping. Maybe I’m to wired to sleep? Episodes of Homeland and the walking dead kept me company though.

A Sunday of strolling around Munich was calm and some fine German nosh was scoffed alongside some even finer Augustina beer. The Manglebird, Smiley and I ended up in a Irish / Australian bar supping Guinness watching 22 men kick a ball on a massive plasma TV Screen, then we got a cab back to the hotel. Nothing really exiting happened to be honest; some days off are just that…A Day off.

A grey day with Winter sharply biting the heels of the slowing down Autumn was next for our show in Munich. Thankfully the weather didn’t have any sort of knock on effect for the fine people who came out to this show.. t was great and the crowd were fucking marvellous. Ending the night with our first official encore with Kings of Speed left the room with a warm fuzz filled glow. Cheers people of Munich and a nod to the hotel staff who I must say were the most pleasant bunch of ladies we’ve ever encountered. They where so Polite and friendly and that club sandwich was ace. Danke schön to you all.

I’m writing the part whilst on the bus about to watch the film “Bernie” Next inserts soon.

So ummmmm yeah ok where was I? Where am I? Oh yeah I’m In Berlin, again. After 5 days off!!! We were supposed to play Hamburg last night but due to some crazy vomiting, uncontrollable bowel movements, severe teeth grinding back problems it was just impossible for us to be able to perform a show so for the first time that I can remember on a tour, we had to cancel a show. Tonight’s show in Berlin is on though all be it though still feeling icky and cramped we will beat this bastard illness with amplified music.

To completely change the subject I have been watching a fair few films lately so here are my scores for them:

Bernie 6/10

Bad Ass 3/10

The Mist 8/10

Red Lights 4/10

Jeff who lives at Home 7/10

Goon 5/10

So Far the Mist is in the lead, I liked the TV Movie vibe of it and it was very unpredictable.

My stomach hurts and I’m waiting for the washing machine to be free.

Report again soon

I am Dave Pen




I have always slept awfully when we start tours and only ever manage to get some real shut eye when we cross the channel sea and I stay in my bunk on the bus when it’s parked in the bottom of the ship. It helps me get a couple hours nod before the swaying and revving of the road will keep me restless and in and out of the sleep I so badly need.

Writing this now I am in Luxembourg and have just returned from a stroll with a few others from the band. It was a lot warmer than I thought it would be and found my self sweating a lot climbing up huge steps to get to the top of the city walls wearing a thick black leather jacket.

We went to French restaurant, the menu was in French so I ordered some French food, after I’d finished my meal asked for the bill in French to which the snotty waiter replied we don’t speak French here. So I said “THANK YOU” in English at a decent level so he could hear me. I don’t know what language they speak in Luxembourg and have been here four times. I always thought it was French, sorry everyone. It’s Luxembourgish isn’t it? Do they speak this language anywhere else?

The first show was good and we put in a decent performance on a very tight stage so not much room for a wild spin or a cartwheel but the crowd were great and I must say that people in Luxembourg can clap in time. It’s always a slight fear when a crowd get exiting and start clapping along to a song and it’s way of the tempo of the click I have in my ears but…This crowd were on the money so an in time applause to you all. I was also relieved that my voice held up seeing as it had broken like a smashed piece of glass just a few days ago. Covonia cough syrup (The original one) thank you for the help and the drowsy buzz you gave me, I’m still gonna give you a few sips later for tonight’s show.

So in Zurich Switzerland now looking forward to tonight’s show, It’s Friday so the vibe should be good. Bring it !!

SO after a great show in Zurich we headed to the beautiful and tranquil setting by the lake that is Stravinsky Hall in Montreux Switzerland. I woke up to a stunning view of the lake and the sun was shining, in true rock n roll spirit I got up and went for run right along the lake, forgetting the altitude difference so breathing was a bit heavy at times but felt good for my efforts of trying to stay fit on the road. (I do feel a bender of sorts on the cards soon though).

The show was awesome this night and the venue was stunning. Apart from Saints losing 4 1 to West Ham this was a great day.

On a day off now in a Best Western Hotel in the middle of nowhere near Munich. Robin Williams and Sheryl From Curb your Enthusiasm are over dubbed in German on the box. Tour Dispatch 1 done.

I am Dave Pen