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 Ok so I’m sat in a nice quaint hotel in Rome. It took us all day to get here and the roads around where we are staying is like a catwalk for bony birds to prance down so certainly a near on fifteen/twenty ton tour bus wasn’t gonna slip down these streets.

I need to re-cap where I’ve been what I’ve done what I’ve seen for this blog.

Our shows in France have now finished and we had a fantastic time as always touring the familiar country. The Zenith shows I have to say were up there with some of the best shows I can remember playing. The energy was amazing and the crowd were fantastic.

This tour has flown pass and we are now over the other side of the hill with eleven shows remaining. I have a bet with Smiley we won’t see any snow fall on this tour and so far I’m winning. The winner gets an Irish Coffee, nice.

On the film front I’m gonna have to think hard about what I have watched since last time. Here goes:

Marwencol – 8/10

The Woman in Black 7/10

Apocalypse Now – Redux Edition 9/10

Beyond the Black Rainbow 9/10

Red State 3/10

Beasts of the Southern wild 8.5/10

Aaaaannnd I have to confess in a pure bored and nerd horror state of mind I watched all four Phantasm Movies and I give the whole collective of movies an 8/10 rating and Hank from Breaking Bad is in all four of them, total bonus!!

At this point in time I can’t remember what else has happened lately which means I will carry this on very soon.

Amsterdam was a good day off and a great show and a bonus to have some of my hometown crew come out and see Archive play. I like Holland a lot and wondering around the streets of Amsterdam is always a total treat. On our day off we had some muffins and went to see a movie “Beasts of the Southern Wild” see score above. I then searched out a nice bar I have visited every time I’ve been to Amsterdam and got snuggled in for some beers and laughs. I love this bar and have many memories of it over the last 3 years of my life. Next time in Amsterdam, I will definitely be going there again.

A big part of recreational activities is reading and before the tour I bought along four books – At the Mountains of madness by H.P.Lovekraft, Here Come the Barbarians by J.M Coatzee, The Man who cycled the Americas by Mark Beaumont and This Book is full of Spiders by David Wong. I’ve read three of them so far and I’m now on “This book is full of Spiders”. I thoroughly enjoyed The Man who cycled the Americas and Mark who is a friend of mine is a true adventurer and I highly recommend his two books so far, they are very inspiring. I am also loving J.M Coatzee’s work at the moment his dark look at South African history through fiction is so very captivating and also bleak but thoroughly enjoyable.

I’m writing this on the bus in Milan after a couple of great shows in Rome. Wow what a city that is, I wore myself out cramming as much in as I could. I think the Pantheon stole the show for me. It blew me away.

OK that’ll do for this one I reckon

I am Dave Pen





So into France we go…After a superb and warm filled show in Nimmes we had a day off in Nante and stayed in a hotel/apartment that was like a cool box. I tried and tried to get the heater to work and just couldn’t work it out. What happened to the simple things, there was quite literally about 16 buttons on this controller and none of them when pushed did shit!! I woke up the next morning and walked around with my duvet wrapped around me, I can’t remember the last time I did that and have certainly never done it whilst on tour.

Touring always has it’s up’s and downs and of late the feeling of being a bit “lost in space” has started to orbit around me. I think it’s a natural thing when sometimes you need space and peace and quiet and time to think. Sleeping lots is good and reading and exercise all help my mind with the obvious cranking up instruments, hitting toms and singing your guts out is all therapy to me. What seems to be the problem Mr Pen?, Nothing Doctor, I will be fine in a few days time.

I wonder if I should watch all four Critter movies I have with me, that might lift me from my slumber. I love ridiculous Horror movies.

I will carry this blog on.

I’m not a big fan of days off on tour to be honest, it kind of breaks the routine and flow of show days and always seems to leave me more tired that when I’m performing. So after shows in Nante, Bordeaux and Toulouse we had a day off in Caen and also had to cancel the show due to yet more un-foreseen circumstances. So then the next day was also a day so we drove into Belgium a night earlier before the show in Brussels. We travelled to  Brouge  through the day and watched the masterpiece that is it Apocalypse Now “Redux” version. Three hours twenty minutes of pure genius and madness was enjoyed thoroughly and this film will always rank of one of the best films of all time in my opinion.

So we arrived in Brouge where we were staying on a boat hotel. Sounded quirky but to be honest it didn’t really do it for me and I woke up to realise Mike, whom I usually share a twin room with had sacked the cramp cabin style room vibe off and obviously gone to the tour bus which was parked in the carpark outside to get his sleep for the night. I had thought of doing the same thing but didn’t and now I am wide awake at 6.30 and writing this blog. I want some water but there is no mini bar and the breakfast doesn’t start until 8am. This place kind of sucks to be honest, I do have a chocolate milk drink in a can in my bag but it’s not really what I want right now to quench my thirst.

I am very much looking forward to playing in Brussels tonight and I also have my wife and family coming out to visit so it will be great to see them all.

I am awake and don’t want to be, I want to sleep.

Here’s a picture of a man kissing his horse.


I am Dave Pen


And so we carry on, Germany continues back to Hamburg on Halloween to re-visit the scene of the illness stricken gig. It was a good show as was the show in Berlin, then onto a festival in Dortmund and now somewhere I can’t remember without looking at my itinerary.

Still in Germany we have been joined by my old Madman friend from Kendall that is Robin Foster with his band of merry French men to accompany him onstage.

Its Friday night and I’m sat on the cold bus and it’s raining outside. I can see people mingling around the venue front doors smoking in the wet. Silly bugger that nicotine bloke, he used to be a mate of mine but I realised he was ripping me off left right and centre so I gave him the sub and got the fuck out of dodge.

Gotta day off in Cologne tomorrow so that should be nice, the last time I was in Cologne I almost dies from vast amounts of Absinthe and a herbal tea, Think I’m gonna find the steam room this time and rest my beard for a bit. Be sensible and all that.

Popping back into the venue now, this will continue……

A nice day off in Cologne was had and the gig was even better. The Monday was onto Saarbruken where I found the biggest men’s shoe supplier in Germany. The woman in the store told me that they get 500 pairs of men’s shoes a season, that’s pretty impressive I reckon. I managed to find my self some new moccasins for 30 Euros reduced from 100 Euros so I was super chuffed at that bargain, I need some new ones as my other pair have been worn down so much if I stood on an ant I would feel the murderous guilt crunch under the thin layer of sole that is left on the shoes.

On the film front I’ve been watching more and more and the scores are as follows

Skyfall 6/10

Cosmopolis 3/10

TT Closer to the Edge 8/10

On the Waterfront 7/10

Incendies 7/10

Spun 5/10

The Hunter 8.5/10

The Hunter starring Willem Dafoe is the best film I’ve seen so far, a soul searching and dark film with some awesome and bleak scenery of Tazmania with a superb score accompanying the film.

I’m sure there are other films I’ve seen which I can’t remember right now so will add later.

So we played our final show of the German leg of this tour last night in Saarbruken. This was a new town for us so a new crowd to play to which attentively listened to the set. We also bid farewell to Darth Robin Foster and his band of imperial troopers after there support of a few shows with us, what a splendid bunch they are and I’m sure they will return in the future to open up again for Archive.

In France now and the sun is shining so that’s a good sign, am sat upstairs on the bus as just got up to write the rest of this blog, am gonna grab a coffee like a doctor on ER, Said the grumpy Mr Partridge.

I think this is Dispatch three complete.

I am Dave Pen