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And so we carry on, Germany continues back to Hamburg on Halloween to re-visit the scene of the illness stricken gig. It was a good show as was the show in Berlin, then onto a festival in Dortmund and now somewhere I can’t remember without looking at my itinerary.

Still in Germany we have been joined by my old Madman friend from Kendall that is Robin Foster with his band of merry French men to accompany him onstage.

Its Friday night and I’m sat on the cold bus and it’s raining outside. I can see people mingling around the venue front doors smoking in the wet. Silly bugger that nicotine bloke, he used to be a mate of mine but I realised he was ripping me off left right and centre so I gave him the sub and got the fuck out of dodge.

Gotta day off in Cologne tomorrow so that should be nice, the last time I was in Cologne I almost dies from vast amounts of Absinthe and a herbal tea, Think I’m gonna find the steam room this time and rest my beard for a bit. Be sensible and all that.

Popping back into the venue now, this will continue……

A nice day off in Cologne was had and the gig was even better. The Monday was onto Saarbruken where I found the biggest men’s shoe supplier in Germany. The woman in the store told me that they get 500 pairs of men’s shoes a season, that’s pretty impressive I reckon. I managed to find my self some new moccasins for 30 Euros reduced from 100 Euros so I was super chuffed at that bargain, I need some new ones as my other pair have been worn down so much if I stood on an ant I would feel the murderous guilt crunch under the thin layer of sole that is left on the shoes.

On the film front I’ve been watching more and more and the scores are as follows

Skyfall 6/10

Cosmopolis 3/10

TT Closer to the Edge 8/10

On the Waterfront 7/10

Incendies 7/10

Spun 5/10

The Hunter 8.5/10

The Hunter starring Willem Dafoe is the best film I’ve seen so far, a soul searching and dark film with some awesome and bleak scenery of Tazmania with a superb score accompanying the film.

I’m sure there are other films I’ve seen which I can’t remember right now so will add later.

So we played our final show of the German leg of this tour last night in Saarbruken. This was a new town for us so a new crowd to play to which attentively listened to the set. We also bid farewell to Darth Robin Foster and his band of imperial troopers after there support of a few shows with us, what a splendid bunch they are and I’m sure they will return in the future to open up again for Archive.

In France now and the sun is shining so that’s a good sign, am sat upstairs on the bus as just got up to write the rest of this blog, am gonna grab a coffee like a doctor on ER, Said the grumpy Mr Partridge.

I think this is Dispatch three complete.

I am Dave Pen


6 responses

  1. Good morning Dave
    I follow your shows, your trips, your life in the bus, your thoughts,your sad adventures with German sausages, your way to describe a skinny bed where you were on the point to fall down, your lack of sleep,your silence when you are too tired, your emotion when you talked about the Remember day 11th, your anger regarding Jimmy Saville, your adventure with mice in France..Well..Everything, to be honest.How clumsy am I.

    My skills to communicate on Tweeter are miserable so I gave up.
    I sent a message to Archive yesterday when I learnt a new sickness.Just my French way to support your amazing work and the fact you dont deserve a bucket as a company..

    Frustated and sad not to be in my country to listen to you,I booked a plane from Sweden to Belgium .At least , I wont miss Birdpen.
    Difficult when you understand someone through his way to sing, to play guitar,to write, to notice human behaviours, to be angry,to be nice..
    Difficult when you know that wont never have the precious lucj to meet him.
    This is my humble reality with you.
    Look after yourself and just be sure that I feel a great and human soul inside your brain.

    November 12, 2012 at 11:16 am

  2. Have a look at BELLFLOWER, US Indie film… Last time i saw you was with Robin Foster near Nantes in France in a little tiny place, and it was really great! Now i am planning to see-hear you back with Archive in Amsterdam on Thursday … And still it sounds great! 🙂

    November 12, 2012 at 6:42 pm

  3. brusselsislove

    There’s a tiny little article about the Brussels gig on my blog 😉
    Hope you like it. http://brusselsislove.wordpress.com/2012/11/14/archive-13-november-2012-brussels/

    November 14, 2012 at 5:43 pm

  4. “Feel free to ask questions and leave comments”
    Thats what I read on the headlines of your blog.
    There are 2 kinds of people paying attention to Archive and you.
    Those who are lucky to go easily to the gigs and get a answer or a sign when they communicate with you
    And those who are lost ,over the world, alone,with a hard life,worries .They dont scream and shout on the front stage, they dont take pictures with Instagram..
    They cant go the gigs, they aren’t famous.They listen to you because they believe in your songs.A kind of trust, lets say.

    They are just ordinary people.
    I heard a lot from them and I understood them because I feel the same.
    When Archive was sick, tired, restless, exhausted because of the tour all over Europe:they cared for you.
    Just ordinary and human beings who respect you .

    Those who attend your gigs are seen .
    Those who don’t are unfortunately ignored and its sad.

    Also, its quite difficult for most of them to write , listen to and read in English..
    Just pay attention , please, on these people who are discreetly respectful for you.

    Your songs underline human feelings, pains, fears,loneliness.They print steps in people’s life.
    I am sure you will understand my comment because you are a sensitive person.

    Thank you.

    November 18, 2012 at 7:05 pm

  5. Kattarzyna Cynamonova (Kattarzyna Voo)

    Hello there!
    Dear Dave P., writing this message with a mess in my head, and trying not to make too many mistakes – my English sucks, unfortunatelly. Don’t use it very often.
    I’m sending You something really important to me and I hope You’ll get this message soon. I’m following You on twitter but it doesn’t give me an opportunity to write such a long message, so I decided to write everything here, on Your blog and leave You a link to the painting I painted (I’ll add the photo of the painting on Your twitter too in a while, but it lets me write only a few words to You, sad).
    Yes, I’M SENDING YOU A PAINTING. Painting is all my life and I can’t imagine someone could take this away from me. It took 3 months for this painting to be finished, and this was inspired by Your music. I can’t work in silence and while listening to music which inspires me, I try to show what lives somewhere deep in my mind. It’s so hard to show what’s hidden there sometimes, isn’t it? Musicians show their emotions, feelings and thoughts with their music, and I can (or I think I can) do this with my hands, with paints, pencils. Music is such an important thing in my life and sometimes I say I paint it. The only way to show You how inspiring Your music is to me was a decision to paint Your face.
    While painting the picture I knew I wanted You to get this. I wanted to give You something special to say ‘thank You’ for all of those beautiful sounds of Archive and Birdpen. I wanted to say ‘thank You’ because Your music and the things You sing about let me feel much better very often. It’s painted with oils on canvas, 50 x 60 cm. I was painting this with a smile, pleasure, and I was so excited. Sometimes I felt angry and I almost cried because I knew it was not good enough. But it’s finished now.
    Maybe we’ll never meet personally, but I have a dream to give this to You. I will see Archive live on the 1st of December. In Poznań. Finally. I’m taking the painting with me, so it’s going to be a long trip by train with the painting next to me. We should make our dreams come true and this is my dream – I want to give You Your portrait to show You how inspiring Your music is to me. There’s no other way to say thank You.
    But, if we don’t meet personally before or after the concert, I would like You to know, that You and Your music group give people something special. Give ME something special. You’re such an amazing artist.
    Thank You for everything, and see You in Poznań, Dave Pen!
    Here’s the link to the painting. Please, check it out. It’s so important to me, I painted this for You.

    Kattarzyna ‘Cynamonova’ V.

    November 19, 2012 at 4:37 pm

  6. angela

    ehi friend do you’ll be in Rome for the show? I’m friday at morning leaving by plane from puglia for the gig..I knew that you have a show in roma also at november 22!! cheers
    ♪♪d(-.-)b♪♪ ..All my respects for elisabet above me: seems a person with great humanity and very emphatyc with a great familiarity with english,(alàs not me).
    Thank you dave for your little but precious daily reports .ciao ciao

    November 22, 2012 at 12:05 am

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