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I feel the pounding of my feet, the pulsing of my blood, the driving of my mind as I climb the steep hill after eight miles.  I find slowly counting to a hundred helps me with my Zen like state when the steep inclines hit me where it hurts. I control my breathing, I keep moving on. It’s a buzz.  Running works for me.

I’ve been training hard the last few months and was thrilled to complete my first ten mile race. I came in at one hour, nineteen minutes and fifty four seconds. I’m happy 1954 was in there, cheeky little number likes to pop up now and then. I am starting to feel that many more endurance challenges will be on the horizon for me and I don’t just want this to be all for me, I aim to start trying to raise money for charities as well. More news on these adventure/endeavours will be posted when they are planned.

January was used for not only training to accomplish this race but also for writing, recording and performing.

As the cold snap nipped away like an arctic crocodile two brilliant recording/writing sessions were completed with Archive in a remote studio in the Cambridgeshire countryside. I’m gonna keep the vibe of it under wraps for now as I don’t want to let the wild boars snuffle the truffles too soon… or maybe it’s a mushroom of some sort only found in the forest. Expect more wild animal and vegetable news on this soon.

It was good to then get a show in at the Midem festival down in Cannes in France. Of course once the long, long journey was completed and we had arrived. I woke up to rain and a cold breeze whipping up across the beach and marina. The sun did come out later whilst catching up with the Kendal mad man that is Robin Foster. We had coffee and spoke about the film Metro Manila that had just won the Audience Award for World Cinema Dramatic at Sundance Film Festival. This was great news as Robin created the music for the soundtrack and also the lead song, which is called Life and Death, which was co-written and performed, by Robin and myself.

Click to watch a live version of the song below:


The Archive show was a short, tight energy filled hour and ten gig, and it was a nice privilege to headline the festival. After a quick sip and some chat we all then climbed back on the tour bus for what ended up as a twenty three hour long journey for me to get home and through my front door. Lots of Who documentary was needed and kept us entertained on this trip. Pete Townshend’s autobiography “Who I am” has kept me company the last few weeks and has been a brilliant insightful read and I highly recommended it to any music fan or fan of The Who.

So into February we go, lots of stuff happening this month but that will be in another blog.

Went to The Garlic Farm after the race, stinky victory’s all round yeah.


I am Dave Pen


4 responses

  1. Jeff ( Selway2)

    Hi Dave,
    Impressive performance your 10 mile race ! …sure that 8MPH can be reached “easily” these following months, keep going and share with us “soon”, your forthcoming musical projects.
    Cheers from Belgium. Jeff

    February 5, 2013 at 12:49 pm

  2. Laurence

    Hi Dave,

    Very nice reading you, as always !

    Congrats for your first racing performance ! By the way, what’s the taste of this weird “garlic beer” ? Does it really taste garlic ??? With it you are armed against bats! lol

    Quote: “Expect more wild animal and vegetable news on this soon”… What have you drunk or smoked or eaten before your recordings sessions guys ???? I remember the video Julian shared from all of you during some recordings… you all looked like evil possessed guys, shaking your heads… Was so funny watching you silently !
    But now it’ll be very difficult waiting for these new sounds, songs, vibes…

    Life & Death is a beautiful song ! You made wonderful work together on this one and also for the album you’ve done in common WDWGFH. Do you, by chance, plan to make a new one with ” Kendal mad man” as you call Robin ? His beautiful and soaring music and your marvellous, sweet, strong and moving voice make a wonderful duo ! ❤

    Cheers !

    February 5, 2013 at 1:08 pm

  3. N.

    Ran my first race last Sunday too (10 kms only though). BirdPen in my ears all along. “Only the names change” to the finish line. “I control my breathing, I keep moving on. It’s a buzz” : I can totally relate. You should come and run for charities in France, with your status here you would raise quite a nice amount.

    February 5, 2013 at 3:34 pm

  4. Wolfie and Maud

    Well impressed with your performance on the street as well as on the stage. It seems like you have got the running bug now. Hear you have more runs planned already so you can only get better. Looking forward to the Archive gigs and snowdonia!. Wolfie and Maud

    February 5, 2013 at 6:06 pm

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