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Trying to keep to the 16 week training programme isn’t easy. The tour bus air conditioning unit has broken so as anyone can imagine it’s been very energy sapping travelling thousands of miles on a bus through Europe’s heat wave. I have been trying to get the miles in when I can, I forgot my watch so have been running with my phone in my hand with it on stop watch mode which is a little bit frustrating. My breathing has been a bit of a struggle to get under control for the first twenty minutes or so when I’ve started to run, I have never trained in the summer before and i find it a lot harder than running in the autumn and winter months. It seems to take longer to get into a rhythm for some reason. It’s a strange thing going from playing a show in front of thousands of people all going for it one night and then the next day plodding along some road I’ve never seen before in my life to get the miles in. My routine is – I run in one direction for thirty minutes or so and then just turn around and go back. I found a great route in Germany where I discovered a massive river, I thought i’d try and lap it as I could see that it was lap-able from a distance, I kept going but came to a narrow path into a very dense and dark forest, It was already almost 9pm and my imagination can have a tendency to run away with me so that was when I thought it better to turn around. I Jogged past another runner and we gave each other a friendly “Allo”. Twice this week I must have got in around 11km or so as I ran for an hour which isn’t bad considering how tuff it is to train whilst on a summer tour of Festivals. The Quest for Mont Blanc is 12 months away and this first big challenge of running the Snowdonia Marathon, one of Europe’s toughest marathons is becoming very real. I’ve a long way to go and as the tweets from the Snowdonia marathon have said when they have responded to me “Dig Deep” seems very fitting. We played the Melt Festival in Germany last night, Slightly weird seeing Thom Yorke and Flea backstage hanging around backstage before their Atoms for Peace Show, I wonder if either of them run?

I am Dave Pen