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Saver Destroyer

I’ve been busy packing up copies of the new BirdPen Saver Destroyer E.P and Global Lows albums to send out across Europe. Hope the fans who ordered like what they hear. I think it’s a cool E.P and it feels good to get out material we have recorded a little while ago. tor interested folk The track ‘Goodnight from the Green Bear’ was Produced by Darius keeler with us and the drums were played by the Seagull. The artwork design was designed by myself and is a captured still from an Indian ceremony that I was allowed to film whilst travelling around southern India a few years ago.

Saver Destroyer Artwork

Also on the E.P is a cool Moody remix from my good friend Robin Foster. You can hear it below:

The Ltd edition E.P and Global Lows Album are available to buy from the BirdPen website shop here – http://www.birdpen.com/shop

Cheers everyone for supporting what I and my good friends create. I salute you all x

I am Dave Pen


The Quest For Mont Blanc – 1st Marathon Not too far away now.

September greetings everyone.
I’ve been training hard and pounding out the miles for the Quest folks. My First big challenge is The Snowdonia Marathon in Wales on October 26th. This is my first marathon and it’s not too far off now. The training for this is all part of the Quest for Mont Blanc and I will be taking part in many more endurance events before the final Challenge next August. As the final quest is 11months or so away I thought I’d really put myself to the test in the build up with some proper endurance challenges to get me tip top and fit along the way.

Events I am in before the final Quest are:
The Snowdonia Marathon.26/10/13
Endurance Life Jurassic Coast 10km Trail Run.7/12/13
Portsmouth Coastal Marathon.22/12/13
Endurance Life Anglesey Coastal Trail Marathon.18/01/14
The Grizzly.8/03/2014
These events should keep me busy then!!!

I am blown away by everybody who has donated to Trekstock so far so please keep the sponsorship coming in, anything you can donate all helps and as you can see I’m really trying to do my bit to help this great charity and it’s cause.
Here is the sponsorship link:


Many thanks everyone. Another blog soon
Dave Pen

Another Summer

Finally got a version of word again after the last update to the mind control made it all stop working, that notebook thing for the computer doesn’t work as well for me for some reason. Weird that as its all words after all isn’t it?

I’m sat in what was my little studio room and is now a half made room for a very small person and a storage space of stuff from my life over this summer. I don’t have long left until I will definitely need a new space to express thoughts and ideas. She’s still shacked up in the main bedroom for the next couple of months.

My coffee cup has a mallard on it and the coffee is lavatza, the same coffee Pollard insists on having for the tour bus. You can see him coming from a while away in the distance carrying a massive straw sack of beans before every tour. All hell does break loose when something happens to the coffee machine when we are away, HEADS DO ROLL!!

So now the summer is closing down but still the sun is shining. Is an Indian summer of the cards perhaps? How very nice for the sweat glands to keep clapping their hands in pure open pores celebration. The downside to all the heat and yellow and white light for me has been trying to run, it has lagged over me so much whilst trying to train to run my first marathon, draining me after thirty minutes with sweat pouring off me. I am sure once the winter is fully pitched and hanging on our bones I will think? ‘What was I complaining about’? Its now gonna be cold and damp for 6 months or more.

So the festival season is coming to an end and we’ve been back and forth all summer long, 2 left including the show in Warsaw of which is where I am finishing this blog right now on the 36th floor of the Continental hotel, this is the view at dusk:



And this is a list of how my summer went:

It was full of noise, heat, blown air conditioning units, cheering fans, grounded tour buses of ferry’s, upset stomachs, the history of Britain (almost finished), crap movies and films about football hooligans, singing fans, cushion throwing fans, champagne nights, watching the sun rise, hangovers from hell, running for trains (hung-over), pina coladas, breast milk, broken amps, guitar pedals with minds of their own, legos and nintendos, meeting jack black, watching three quarters of a crowd leave the gig we were playing as they were all there to see a teeny pop band, crying girls (because they were there to see a teeny pop band, not us), broken buses, going mad on the bus, reading books, DJ’ing at a camp site in the French Alps, coming home to find my lawn burnt to a crisp, Queens of the stone age, Amphitheatres, hummus in a can, singing Life & Death with Robin, needing more sleep, Athens to Barcelona, laughing, not eating enough, things I can’t remember, blah, blip, bang, crash, and a drop of wallop.

I have taken a fair few photos over the summer of which I will post up as another “photo” blog, quickly after you’ve read this one.

Whoever you are

I am Dave Pen.