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We are a few more shows in now after I decapitated a snowman in a car park and slept for 18 hours. It’s all going great and we are playing for almost 2 hours a night so the memory is on top form. I’m hungry and sandwiches are on their way for the after gig snack, the pizzas have disappeared, and I guess that’s a good thing, right? I do like a slice now and then though.


My tired head is awaiting the bus to collect us from the hotel in Hamburg. I need to sleep some more after bringing the rider back to the hotel last night. We avoided the darkness and flashing seedy lights of the reeperbahn and celebrated the shows successes so far and having the next day off back at our hotel. Earlier on in the day Smiley and I walked into a pub full of the walking dead, it was no safe place to watch a football match and the flesh on the people in that place was grey and crawling so we turned and left after five seconds. I wouldn’t have wished this bar on anyone, it was proper grim.


Onwards we go enjoying every show with the Germans treating us well with Frankfurt being my favourite crowd for some reason, maybe it was the free box of Maltesers that reminded me of home and the 10 mile run of discovery I did plus Motorstorm for the PS3 for ten Euros from the bargain bin from the Media Mart down the road.

Bunk time television shows have kept me company in the late hours as we’ve been hurtling down the autobahn. I’ve been trying to drown out the insane snoring from the depths of the bunk below me and Fortitude has been a cosy companion for such a freezing snowy show.


Into Slovakia and its capital Bratislava where an electronic beats festival awaited us. Our first time here and a nice plush hotel was arranged for some r&r time during the day before our 1am headline slot. The hotel was nice but I got right into it with a duff locker in the spa changing rooms and had to get the maintenance men out to wrench it open with a couple of screwdrivers only to realise it wasn’t my locker at all. My key said 62 and Locker 63 wasn’t mine, it was actually 65, I grabbed my T-shirt and bailed for a hotel room bath and a curry feeling a little bit like Kermit.

The gig was cool and full of screens so we got a butchers at what goes on out the front, it was like 2001 a space odyssey and that is a good thing right?


Leaving now at 4.09am.

I am Dave Pen



And so we carry on, Germany continues back to Hamburg on Halloween to re-visit the scene of the illness stricken gig. It was a good show as was the show in Berlin, then onto a festival in Dortmund and now somewhere I can’t remember without looking at my itinerary.

Still in Germany we have been joined by my old Madman friend from Kendall that is Robin Foster with his band of merry French men to accompany him onstage.

Its Friday night and I’m sat on the cold bus and it’s raining outside. I can see people mingling around the venue front doors smoking in the wet. Silly bugger that nicotine bloke, he used to be a mate of mine but I realised he was ripping me off left right and centre so I gave him the sub and got the fuck out of dodge.

Gotta day off in Cologne tomorrow so that should be nice, the last time I was in Cologne I almost dies from vast amounts of Absinthe and a herbal tea, Think I’m gonna find the steam room this time and rest my beard for a bit. Be sensible and all that.

Popping back into the venue now, this will continue……

A nice day off in Cologne was had and the gig was even better. The Monday was onto Saarbruken where I found the biggest men’s shoe supplier in Germany. The woman in the store told me that they get 500 pairs of men’s shoes a season, that’s pretty impressive I reckon. I managed to find my self some new moccasins for 30 Euros reduced from 100 Euros so I was super chuffed at that bargain, I need some new ones as my other pair have been worn down so much if I stood on an ant I would feel the murderous guilt crunch under the thin layer of sole that is left on the shoes.

On the film front I’ve been watching more and more and the scores are as follows

Skyfall 6/10

Cosmopolis 3/10

TT Closer to the Edge 8/10

On the Waterfront 7/10

Incendies 7/10

Spun 5/10

The Hunter 8.5/10

The Hunter starring Willem Dafoe is the best film I’ve seen so far, a soul searching and dark film with some awesome and bleak scenery of Tazmania with a superb score accompanying the film.

I’m sure there are other films I’ve seen which I can’t remember right now so will add later.

So we played our final show of the German leg of this tour last night in Saarbruken. This was a new town for us so a new crowd to play to which attentively listened to the set. We also bid farewell to Darth Robin Foster and his band of imperial troopers after there support of a few shows with us, what a splendid bunch they are and I’m sure they will return in the future to open up again for Archive.

In France now and the sun is shining so that’s a good sign, am sat upstairs on the bus as just got up to write the rest of this blog, am gonna grab a coffee like a doctor on ER, Said the grumpy Mr Partridge.

I think this is Dispatch three complete.

I am Dave Pen


There’s nothing worse than a skinny hotel bed. I kept rolling over and almost falling out of the damn thing every couple of minutes in yet another restless night of woken attempts at sleeping. Maybe I’m to wired to sleep? Episodes of Homeland and the walking dead kept me company though.

A Sunday of strolling around Munich was calm and some fine German nosh was scoffed alongside some even finer Augustina beer. The Manglebird, Smiley and I ended up in a Irish / Australian bar supping Guinness watching 22 men kick a ball on a massive plasma TV Screen, then we got a cab back to the hotel. Nothing really exiting happened to be honest; some days off are just that…A Day off.

A grey day with Winter sharply biting the heels of the slowing down Autumn was next for our show in Munich. Thankfully the weather didn’t have any sort of knock on effect for the fine people who came out to this show.. t was great and the crowd were fucking marvellous. Ending the night with our first official encore with Kings of Speed left the room with a warm fuzz filled glow. Cheers people of Munich and a nod to the hotel staff who I must say were the most pleasant bunch of ladies we’ve ever encountered. They where so Polite and friendly and that club sandwich was ace. Danke schön to you all.

I’m writing the part whilst on the bus about to watch the film “Bernie” Next inserts soon.

So ummmmm yeah ok where was I? Where am I? Oh yeah I’m In Berlin, again. After 5 days off!!! We were supposed to play Hamburg last night but due to some crazy vomiting, uncontrollable bowel movements, severe teeth grinding back problems it was just impossible for us to be able to perform a show so for the first time that I can remember on a tour, we had to cancel a show. Tonight’s show in Berlin is on though all be it though still feeling icky and cramped we will beat this bastard illness with amplified music.

To completely change the subject I have been watching a fair few films lately so here are my scores for them:

Bernie 6/10

Bad Ass 3/10

The Mist 8/10

Red Lights 4/10

Jeff who lives at Home 7/10

Goon 5/10

So Far the Mist is in the lead, I liked the TV Movie vibe of it and it was very unpredictable.

My stomach hurts and I’m waiting for the washing machine to be free.

Report again soon

I am Dave Pen