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It’s too hot
It’s too cold
I breathe in the breeze of dirty tunnel air
Can’t read printed words because of the motion
Hold my head because I’m tired
Lift my eyes from paranoia
Take a look around
Him maybe ?
Him maybe ?
Her maybe ?
Too much to think about these days
I just want to sip an ale, look at the grass and stand in my kitchen
Stop this motion
Stop the noise
The doors
The people
The announcements
Information information information
Irritation irritation
Think of the wife
Nice that
And the little one doing her thing
Two steps at a time up the towering escalators
So many peoples fitness for the day
I should stop moaning really
I wouldn’t have it any other way
Invalid ticket that’s bang on in date
I’m always running
I’m always late
Same clothes for days the weeks nearing completion
Making my way home
Station to station



I am Dave Pen


Waiting for the train

A blog from July I forgot to post:

As said in previous blogs I always end up getting a really nice plush hotel room when I have only a matter of hours to collapse on the bed in my clothes and head to the land of nod for a far to short a time. This was the case after BirdPen’s performance at the Les Ardents Festival in  Liege , Belgium. We haven’t played any festivals this year and this is our only major one this year. Accompanied by two deaths and a black umbrella for Only the names change we put in a full intense and fuzz filled BirdPen show to an early but enthusiastic crowd. So many ideas roar inside my head when in the BirdPen world and the gel of the band has really come together playing live. The energy is always at 100 percent and as soon as the first notes are played every stress or troubled frustrated thought seems to drift away.. I’m not being romantic with this here but it is the truth and that’s how I feel and this is my blog so I can write what I like . We are still trying to get Global Lows out which is frustrating but the fact that we played that festival without a manager without a publisher without a record label without a press agent without any financial backing. Armed with just a booking agent who believes in what we do makes it even more special, because I believe we where there on our own merits. Things get done because of belief and thanks to a few people that have believed in what we do, we have and can accomplish so many things.

My eyes feel so heavy, I arrived at the train station at 7.40am thinking I had plenty of time to get the 8 am train to Paris via Brussels from Leige.. I waited in line until 8.07 before I got a ticket direct to Paris that would be leaving at 9.49. Now I’m writing this trying to stay awake before being asked many more questions from journalists about the new Archive album. Simple love songs but done in a very un orthodox way. Processed crunchy beats like a machine with a broken heart. I’m writing this whilst the video to Roxette’s “It must have been love” is playing on the TV screen in the coffee house I’m sloped and typing in. Love songs huh? These Danish eighties haircuts don’t even come close to Conflict, or Wiped out…(They are new Archive songs by the way) and With us until your dead is a great album and I’m looking forward to it’s release.

The woman serving in the coffee house has a haircut from the eighties, big with lots of chemical hairspray with a splash of red on the front.. Proper European, time warp and timeless buffon hair do. Where are the shoulder pads to match? And Joan Collins?

There’s a spider crawling along the woman’s bag who is sat in front of me, I don’t like spiders at all. Never have done and never will, I wonder if they the most feared of creatures by human beings on this planet.

My head feels warm, my eyes feel heavy and this seat is aching my ass. I hope the slugs haven’t eaten my lettuce back home in the garden.

Good morning.

I am Dave Pen