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And so I call a taxi, pay by debit card because the cash machine is out of order again then I buy a new railcard and buy a ticket to the airport. I fell asleep and woke up with a stiff neck and a headache, got a cheap expensive coffee and shared a twix with the Manglebird. Arrived at the airport, lugged the heavy pedal boards around, found a bar ordered double rum and cokes, queued up, emptied my pockets, took my belt off, took my shoes off, got my laptop out of my bag and went through the metal detector. I’m safe…Right ?? Found another bar had more rum then found a drinks promo bar so drank lego man sized free sample of something, thanks!! Waited…. Got on plane with orange coloured wings.. Read my book. Had a very cheap expensive drink. Got picked up in a large Mercedes van. Low roof in the carpark, lights out in the van, very dark motorways… Got to Grenoble, found Stef, found a bar, had drinks then had a Batman kebab.. Got key to hotel room, brushed teeth, wrote this bit and am now gonna watch Orka the killer whale starring the legend Richard Harris and fall asleep.

Fell asleep, woke up, got picked up, went up the mountain in cable car to kill some time before sound check. Pedal board broken and not working, fixed it, sound check was sounding immense, fat and fuzzy.. Did interview, ate some food, got dressed for gig, in black of course. Waited…..Intro…. The mashed up blend of Scott Walker and dialogue from Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds sonically swirling around the tent… Walked onstage and played one of the best gigs we have done this year.. Came off stage, chatted to the Boxer Rebellion – great guys, great band.. Signed albums, had beers, watched The Boxer Rebellion with drinks.. Felt happy, felt drunk, said goodbye then went to the hotel.

Woke up at stupid o’clock, still felt drunk and sleepy, got in the van, fell asleep, queued up for ever…..And ever…..And ever.. Got on the plane with orange wings, fell asleep, got on train.. Didn’t fall asleep.. Got home, spoke to my vegetables growing in my garden, now watching the Stuntman starring the Legend that is Peter O’Toole.. And wrote this.

Till next time

I am Dave Pen


The Dead Factory

I made this a few years ago and thought i’d re-post it here on my blog, Enjoy !!