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I’m gonna sit next to the family radio and wait for the sky to call me up,

Wait with the wireless hour upon day.

For no human force will get in my way.

A ship I will sail to the prophet of parades,

And my sign I will hold,

With truth written in bold.

Truth I said, written in yellow on a tar black sign.

Holding it up to the sky while folk run wild in directions all loose,

But my time is now and I stand where I choose.

I hear the crack of the start of the night,

Where the pointlessness of wars and everlasting fights

Come crashing down in a sky scraping wave,

And I face the wall with my sign.

I will be saved.

Eyes close now for the rushing of the sound as I see the king standing tall in the crown.

Hands held up high as we follow what we love,

And the wave comes crashing down from above.

Out to the ocean with no alone time

As I float to the sky with my yellow painted sign…

Hold up tall and rapture be told, hear the words that call, the words that call.

Onwards be bold, onwards be gold.



Un Croque Monsieur and ummm Café au Lait ?

Merci..thanks !!

That “Un-graded” Result from my GCSE school French exam still haunts me to this day.. and besides Bonjour that’s about the limit of my French speaking..

My fellow Brothers of the Flight and Antenna club dropped me In Tours. we had a quick sleepy Mac’ers , They jumped back in the Van and I jumped on a train and am now sat in another train station waiting for another train.

I’m in France in Le mans waiting for a train to Life is Elsewhere

So to step back a few weeks I did the Archive Orchestral Tour which was splendid (Please see previous entry for Photo Blog from this tour). After that I popped home to Rehearse with BirdPen, Play a show in London , then get drunk ( I think ) ,get questioned by what we reckon was a fake policeman, See a close friend get hitched, observe my building site of a garden, embrace and spend time with loved ones then get up far to early and jump in the van and head to France to the sunny parts and blast out 4 fuzz filled gigs !! All apart from to many early starts and long drives (Oh Boo Hoo, Shut up moaning you wimp and get on with it) the French shows were a blast and we loved seeing new parts of France and meeting new people.. We salute you all for checking out what we do and being part of the BirdPen world..

So now I’m heading to work with a friend who I met last year.. His name is Robin Foster. We got together through mutual respect of each others work and Robin had some ideas for his new record and wondered if id be interested in writing some lyrics for them.. I heard some of the demos and from hearing his first record which I liked very much it was very organic to begin thinking of words to fit his cinematic sound-scape post rock influenced sound.. We spent some time going back and forth with ideas then when he started recording the album I jumped on an icy winged plane and spent a few days in the studio and recorded the ideas for his forthcoming 2 album.. As-well as recording a couple of brand new ideas which we came up with there and then..I’m not sure of the release date yet so announcements will be made as and when.. Also keep your eyes and ears peeled for some announcements about some intermit live performances through the summer months…

Right then, with that said I might go for mosey around this station and try to stay awake.

In the words of my brother “ My eyes are burning”


I am Dave Pen