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After running like a mad man up escalators with my suitcase above my head I finally made the 1.05 train. Sweating like a fully clothed Arctic explorer in a Turkish steam room and with no English money and a hunger growl in my guts I searched through my bag for a snack, I found a Cadburys crunchy, so scoffed it as quickly as possible, I also had water which was heaven sent. The party on the tour bus home had lefe me some what parched in the hydration department. The weather was pleasant for ten minutes or so then I saw streaks of water running down the train windows, bloody rain I thought, just a bit of sunshine would be nice. but I guess we need it. I made the the game walking along the sodden pavements and witnessing two guys throwing their guts up just in front of me reminded me it was football on a Saturday of course. Bad pint? Bad pie? Bad pills? Good Pills? The game against West Ham ended up a 1 – 1 draw and was rain sodden and drab.  We Tried to go to the theatre but the little Hitlers ruined it as they took our food order in the restaurant then said we hadn’t pre-booked a reservation to eat even though we’d booked tickets for the show and the restaurant only had 6 people in it!! , It completely threw the night into a whirl as we were so hungry so we got a refund on principle and didn’t see the play. I was tired, I wanted sleep. I ended falling asleep in the cinema watching A Late Quartet starring Christopher Walken.
A nice few days to recover from the recent jaunts to Germany and France was almost had but could have done with a few days more and my OCD played a part in these days off. My garden was it’s victim and is now looking fresh, bright and ready for the British Spring and Summer, so more rain then. I swear that a cat is trying to destroy the grass. I celebrated another  year on Planet Earth and was rewarded with some practical gifts, Some new treads and a new hoover, see below. Trendy cleaner, good rates, will perform thorough job.

After cleaning the house I left to catch an evening train up to London to leave for some shows in Great Britain and Ireland. How exiting I must say, and about time too. Glasgow was brilliantly rain drenched and the crowd were great, I couldn’t resist a few pints of Mc’ewans eighty afterwards with a good old friend.


A double espresso with hot milk and a little water is going down nicely. I’m sat on the tour bus which is parked up on Camden high street. We are playing a venue called Koko tonight. The bus is empty as most of the band have buggered of home seeing as we are in London. We played Manchester last night which was one of those sweat feast filled gigs, both the Manglebird’s and my hair flopped out like an old flock of seagulls, looked like a right couple of teds we did, ridiculous!!. The gig was great and apparently a member of the Happy Mondays was carried out of the show legless. True? I dunno maybe it’s one of those things people say so it keeps the Mecca of Manchester’s music scene filled with stories. I hope it was true though. A nice ale was supped after with the boss of good old Eve studios and chat was warm and positive. A big cheers to all who have ventured from near and far to see us on this leg of the tour so far, I’m loving playing in Great Britain, It feels like home.
London was  a really great show and a real milestone for us to have played Koko to a sold out crowd. Friends and families were with us to celebrate afterwards which is always a bonus. Onto Dublin  for the first time and it was brilliant, a tight stage, possibly the smallest stage we have ever played on gave the gig and extra edge and the atmosphere was great.The night was full on and after finding the tour bus in a taxi that didn’t know his way around Dublin I slipped into my bunk as the sky became light and slept all the way home.
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Am loving the video for the Ltd Edition single release of the song Sorrow. Big thanks to Benjamin Lussier and Freakz Films for their hard work in making it.

A few limited edition singles remain for purchase at http://www.birdpen.com/shop

I am Dave Pen