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I’m a little obsessed with mirrored images. I use a simple app on my phone. I like how it creates a whole other world from something as simple as a tree or  a building or clouds and so forth. Here’s a load of mirrored images I’ve made over the last few years. I hope you enjoy them and they don’t give anyone a headache.

All images were taken and are owed by me!

I am Dave Pen.

IMG_0040IMG_0043IMG_0110IMG_0112IMG_0123IMG_0146IMG_0221IMG_0253IMG_0304IMG_0407IMG_0459IMG_0614IMG_0630IMG_0631 (1)IMG_0631IMG_0632IMG_0858IMG_1024IMG_1065IMG_1164IMG_1229IMG_1261IMG_1292IMG_1323IMG_1569IMG_1726IMG_1759IMG_1775IMG_1899IMG_1991IMG_2011IMG_2018IMG_2038IMG_2088IMG_2103IMG_2128IMG_2196IMG_2353IMG_2403IMG_2408IMG_2478IMG_2554IMG_2615IMG_2644IMG_2691IMG_2724IMG_2771IMG_2779IMG_2810IMG_2850IMG_3008IMG_3206IMG_3258IMG_3285IMG_3287IMG_3288IMG_3294IMG_3351IMG_3378IMG_3424IMG_3536IMG_3559IMG_3698IMG_3773IMG_3857IMG_3881IMG_3888IMG_3945IMG_4006IMG_4148IMG_4202IMG_4221IMG_4274IMG_4326IMG_4337IMG_4344IMG_4368IMG_4522IMG_4557IMG_4706IMG_4720IMG_4764IMG_4777IMG_4874IMG_4926IMG_5022IMG_5154IMG_5165IMG_5262IMG_5426IMG_5663IMG_5667IMG_5754IMG_5880IMG_5989IMG_6423IMG_6450IMG_6487IMG_6509IMG_6667IMG_6703IMG_6854IMG_6933IMG_7009IMG_7126IMG_7215IMG_7332IMG_7570IMG_7584IMG_7747IMG_7753IMG_7834IMG_7860IMG_8070IMG_8228IMG_8264IMG_8267IMG_8286IMG_8336IMG_8357IMG_8405IMG_8586IMG_8593IMG_8609IMG_8663IMG_8684IMG_8693IMG_8711IMG_8720IMG_8728IMG_8784IMG_8818IMG_8849IMG_8870IMG_8883IMG_8888IMG_8889IMG_8907IMG_8915IMG_8921IMG_8954IMG_9005IMG_9039IMG_9597IMG_9506IMG_9424IMG_9089IMG_9110IMG_9190IMG_9198IMG_9205IMG_9402IMG_9814IMG_9668IMG_9054IMG_9061


3 responses

  1. Elena Leibo

    Sublime lines and colours! It’s fantastic to be transported to this imaginary world, half reality, half dream. Thank you for sharing this with us.

    May 23, 2017 at 10:57 am

  2. Brilliant things Dave!

    May 23, 2017 at 11:31 am

  3. Bouchra

    Well that’s awesome!
    Images from nature are really unbearable, they give terrible headaches. I think nature doesn’t stand with symmetry, or perfection. Man-made stuff can be symmetrical, no problem, but this is definitely not the case with nature; the images you’ve created are really nice, thanks for sharing!

    February 19, 2018 at 11:44 am

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